About Us

What we do and what our goals are

Here at Lightning-MC we strive to be as inclusive as possible, while providing a fun, safe enviroment for players to enjoy our network.

We try to cater to all types of Minecraft players on all different types of platforms. We feature support for Java and Bedrock players to play cross networks with each other on our vanilla servers.

We also cater to more hard core audiences with our Modpacks and Modded Java Minecraft Servers, featuring everything from a intense Factions Server to a more layback Pixelmon server, and a more casual Modded Creative Server.

We provide all of these services free of charge, However, we do appreacite donations as servers are expensive to maintain.

All of our servers are own and operated in house, meaning we have direct access to the hardware to fix issues that may occur, this is more expensive but we think it is worth it to give our players the best experience.

The Lightning-MC Project started in March of 2021 and is still in development however we allow access to some of our servers early for players to get a taste of what they will be like, most of the development is done by Joseph McQuigg with help by our Server Operators.